About Electro-Prep

Mission Statement and Quality Policy

  • Committed to quality connections
  • Committed to total customer satisfaction
  • Committed to making quality everyone’s responsibility
  • Committed to continuous improvement in all that we do

Electro-Prep lives by the motto, “Committed to Quality Connections”. It is our mission. The company lives this credo and it acts as much more than a clever play on the “connections” that our wire and cable products facilitate. It includes the quality connections with our customers, employees, vendors and everyone we come in contact with as both individuals and as an organization.

At Electro-Prep, we recognize that we must continue to improve or be left behind. We will continue to learn, we will continue to grow, and we will continue to flourish. The pace is often fast but we’re up to the challenge. We strive for excellence in everything we do. How can we make our outstanding quality even better? How can we improve our already impressive delivery results? How can we help our customers rate us as their top supplier?

Total customer satisfaction is a no-brainer; it’s how we assure the future and build strong customer partnerships on all fronts. We treat our customers as our business partners, which makes us teammates in solving problems and establishing trust, loyalty in both directions, and lasting relationships.

Thirty employees at Electro-Prep translates into thirty quality managers. The shipper is responsible for quality, the office manager is responsible for quality, every assembler is responsible for quality, and the president is responsible for quality. We are all responsible, no exceptions. We take pride in our commitment to quality because our reputation depends on it.

Excellent quality. I cannot remember ever rejecting any assemblies. If they have any questions before they begin production, they call to clarify the details.