Commitment to Quality

Made in the USA

All of Electro-Prep’s work is done in the United States, right here in the seaside community of Wareham in southeastern Massachusetts.  We’re proud of our troops, we’re proud of our country, and we’re proud to be Americans. By teaming with our customers to form strong working partnerships, we assure a powerful team that overcomes all obstacles.

We are lucky to have major expansion potential in our facility in Wareham with options on adjoining space.  We don’t have to go anywhere to successfully compete with manufacturers anywhere in the world with exceptional service, outstanding quality, competitive pricing, and fast, reliable deliveries.  Easy to get to, we’re thrilled to be where we are with an opportunity for substantial growth.  As our business expands, we will continue to get even better with training and learning initiatives that proliferate in our culture of continuous improvement.

Are you close to Wareham?  We are happy to provide:

  • In-person meetings to review status, troubleshoot issues, or exchange ideas
  • The option to pick up your own first article builds
  • Same day hand deliveries
  • Standard UPS deliveries arriving the next day
  • The opportunity to visit our facility and actually prove your own designs or perform your own quality audit
  • A visit to your company to assure that you are a satisfied customer.  We will keep communication open to develop a deeper partnership. 

Come visit us yourself and see what Electro-Prep has to offer you and your company; you’ll be happy you did!


Over the past nine years, Electro-Prep has provided us with exemplary quality and service on the assemblies we ordered: (resulting in) quality which ranks in the 99th percentile.