For over thirty years, Electro-Prep has been “Committed to Quality Connections”. Whether it’s cutting and stripping single, discreet wires, 4/0 to 32-gauge, building a complex harness with hundreds of components, or seamlessly delivering dozens of electro-mechanical assemblies/box builds per day, rest assured they will be of the highest quality and produced by seasoned professionals. All of our products are built to ISO 9001:2008, IPC-620 and J-STD soldering standards. We employ state-of-the-art equipment, including Schleuniger computer-controlled cut and strip machines, to bring you the highest quality products possible.

We prepare and build:

  • Wire and Cable – We prepare wire and cable in thousands of different variations.
  • Wire Harnesses – Simplify your entire manufacturing process with integrated wiring assemblies ranging from several components to hundreds per harness
  • Cable Assemblies – We assemble our cables in every configuration imaginable
  • Ribbon Cables – Wide to fine pitch, two to more than one hundred conductors, simple to many connectors per assembly
  • Coaxial Cables – Expert coaxial cable assembly including semi-rigid capabilities and a wide array of interface options
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly / Box Builds – Assembly and test of electronic packages including PCB’s
  • Custom Assembly / Integration – Take advantage of our superior quality, service and customer-centric mindset. Count on Electro-Prep to build either the subassemblies or the final products you design.

Electro-Prep is confident in being able to satisfy whatever your assembly needs may be. Please check our individual product and service pages for more specifics on your requirements.

I highly recommend them for any cable assembly or wire harness requirement.