Ribbon Cables

Ribbon cable assemblies are another staple in Electro-Prep’s powerful arsenal. Here are some of the common options to choose:

  • Wide-spacing to high-density - 2 to 100-conductors
  • IDC, MDR, or a myriad of other connector options and custom configurations
  • Integrate with other electronic components or materials
  • 100% continuity testing standard with Cirrus test systems
  • Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) is another alternative

All of our ribbon cables are built in-house by our experienced and expertly trained personnel to assure that our customers receive the highest quality products. Our certified, on-site trainers make sure all product lives up to our ISO 9001:2008 certification, along with our IPC-620 workmanship standards and J-STD soldering standards.

Excellent quality. I cannot remember ever rejecting any assemblies. If they have any questions before they begin production, they call to clarify the details.