Engineering Services

Expert Engineering Services and Resources

Electro-Prep offers our customers added assurances that their designs are robust and their products are built to the highest standards.

Product Design – Design for Manufacturing

We will review product layouts for potential manufacturing and assembly issues.

Reverse Engineering – Build From a Print, Drawing,
Sketch, or Sample

A member of our team will assist in creating the documentation you need to build the physical product you have or want to duplicate.

Component Engineering – We Will Make
Valuable Suggestions

We can evaluate and recommend alternative materials to improve cost, lead-time, and/or quality.

Product Validation

We will review all product documentation to assure that all manufacturing, test, materials, and revision issues are addressed and are acceptable.

Product Design

We can assist our customers’ engineering staffs in designing wire harnesses, cables, and assemblies in order to maximize the manufacturability and adaptability of your project for production.

Manufacturing Engineering Documentation –
Full-Service Support

Our staff will create and release engineering and manufacturing documentation for a variety of projects. These may include wire harnesses, cables, electro-mechanical assemblies, and/or box-build programs. We can create drawings, work instructions, process route sheets, bills of material, etc. for customers who are unable, unwilling, or just don’t have the bandwidth to do this work in-house.

We have been doing business with Electro-Prep since 1992. They furnish a variety of cable assemblies, which we use in (our applications). We have been very pleased with their performance